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Making sense out of Cloudera Yarn/Oozie/Kudu Logs


Making sense out of Cloudera Yarn/Oozie/Kudu Logs

New Contributor

Hi good Cloudera people,


I am new to Cloudera and Hadoop and I am trying to make a small Linux Cloudera Cluster performing better.


Yarn / Oozie and Kudu are used to submit jobs.


I have been trought the Logs (local and application logs) that are being produced from Yarn/Oozie/Kudu and wanted to deep dive into troubleshooting problems.


The problem is, that there is too much info there and it is hard to understand and find the "root cause" of the issues from the developers.


Are there maybe some guideliness or tools for troubleshooting/monitoring/advancing cloudera and making sense out of the logs to make the troubleshooting process easier?


Any advice would be appreciated.


Kind Regards.