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MapReduce2 not starting HDP 2.5 ambari


MapReduce2 not starting HDP 2.5 ambari


hive-error-2.txtmapreduce2-error.txtHi All,

So I am trying to have this cluster to work it is refusing to spin up. I used ambari to install and it is HDP 2.5

I did update the HDFS core-conf to add admin and the other user as group and hosts with * and I did change the root group to *

The Phoenix servers on the worker nodes, the HDFS, the Hiveserver2 and the HBase keep going in and out.

HDFS starts but doesn't stay up

HBase starts but doesn't stay up

Hiveserver2 and Mapreduce2 doesn't start

Why is is it not working...?


files are attached!


Re: MapReduce2 not starting HDP 2.5 ambari

On the hosts where these services are running, please check if these components, for example, Namenode is running:

ps -ef | grep namenode

If yes, /var/run/<component>/<component>.pid is stale or has incorrect permissions

If not, we need to look at the logs to see what is error.

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