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Master NameNode Standby replacement

New Contributor

I have a cluster with 2 Master and 3 slaves .

The NN and RM are configured in HA mode .

My 3 Journal Node are in : Master1 , Master2 and slave1 .

My Zookeper are in : Master1 , Master2 and Slave1 .

Ambari server is installed in Master1 .

In master2 , there is some History service (Spark and Yarn) , monitoring tools (Graphana) and zeeplin .

This is a tomporary topology because we are waiting for 3 additional edge to better manage master components .

Master2 crash , and we are forced to format it .

What's the best strategy to replace it ?

I didn't find a lot ressource about decomminsioning Master node (Standby).

Thanks in advance .