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Memory Limit Exceeded on insert into t1 select * from t2

Memory Limit Exceeded on insert into t1 select * from t2


chd 5.8 one node, query: insert into table1_parquet select * from table1_csv;

table1_csv  - exsternal table on 4.5Gb csv file


Memory Limit Exceeded
Process: memory limit exceeded. Limit=4.00 GB Consumption=4.00 GB
  RequestPool=root.cloudera: Consumption=3.89 GB
    Query(5943a24543a11be7:ca86ab5f752abc8f) Limit: Consumption=3.22 GB
      Fragment 5943a24543a11be7:ca86ab5f752abc90: Consumption=29.76 MB
        EXCHANGE_NODE (id=2): Consumption=0
        DataStreamRecvr: Consumption=29.56 MB
      Block Manager: Limit=3.20 GB Consumption=3.20 GB
    Query(45434c5ab9d0a65b:d720c795d8bb1db3) Limit: Consumption=568.01 MB
      Fragment 45434c5ab9d0a65b:d720c795d8bb1db4: Consumption=8.00 KB
        EXCHANGE_NODE (id=2): Consumption=0
        DataStreamRecvr: Consumption=0
      Block Manager: Limit=3.20 GB Consumption=568.00 MB
    Query(aa463b578023672f:c132c7ffba81d496) Limit: Limit=96.00 GB Consumption=110.98 MB
      Fragment aa463b578023672f:c132c7ffba81d497: Consumption=110.98 MB
        HDFS_SCAN_NODE (id=0): Consumption=30.04 MB
        HdfsTableSink: Consumption=80.93 MB
      Block Manager: Limit=3.20 GB Consumption=0
WARNING: The following tables are missing relevant table and/or column statistics.
Memory Limit Exceeded
Query(aa463b578023672f:c132c7ffba81d496) Limit: Limit=96.00 GB Consumption=38.05 MB
  Fragment aa463b578023672f:c132c7ffba81d497: Consumption=38.05 MB
    HDFS_SCAN_NODE (id=0): Consumption=38.04 MB
  Block Manager: Limit=3.20 GB Consumption=0

Is it OK when Impala try to load full table1_csv file in memory ?


Re: Memory Limit Exceeded on insert into t1 select * from t2

Master Collaborator

It looks like query 5943a24543a11be7:ca86ab5f752abc8f is consuming all the memory. It's weird because 5943a24543a11be7:ca86ab5f752abc8f looks like it is partially cancelled.


It's probably worth checking if that query is still running. 


It's possible otherwise that you could be hitting , where we have "zombie" fragments that sit around consuming resources. That was fixed in Impala 2.7 and backported to other minor version.s



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