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Merge multiple JSON files on the same Table

Merge multiple JSON files on the same Table

New Contributor

Hi guys,

  I am having a problem trying to use Nifi to read 5 different types of Jsons and store them in the same table in Sql Server.

Json's files come with several records each and each of your records may have different schemas depending on the messagetype attribute.


I can receive files like this:


{"CategoryName": "Sport", "SupplierName": "XXXX", "StoreName": "XXXX", "Customer Account": "XXXX", "appName": "XXXXX", "messageType": "R1"}
{"CategoryName": null, "VendorName": null, "StoreName": null, "CustomerAccount": "XXXX", "appName": "XXXX", "messageType": "R2"}
{"CategoryName": "Others", "SupplierName": "XXXXX", "StoreName": "XXXX", "Customer Account": "XXXX", "appName": "XXXXX", "messageType": "R3"}
{"CustomerAccount": "XXXXXXX", "SalesStatus": "XXXXXXX", "PurchaseDate": XXXXXX, "SupplierName ":" XXXXX "," StoreName ":" XXXXXX "," RetailServerID ": null," SalesID ":" XXXXXX "," CommissionValue ":" 0 ", "PurchaseValue": "0", "appName": "XXXX", "messageType": "R4"}
{"paymentID": 0, "id": "XXXX", "CustomerAccount": "XXXX", "Sales Status ":" XXXX "," trackingDate ":" XXXXX "," Program ": null, "SalesValue": 0 , "commission": 0, "CustomerReturn": 0, "createdAt": "XXXX", "updatedAt": 0, "PartnerReturn": 0, "CustomerReturnXX": 0, "CustomerPayment": 0, "supplier": { "id": 0, "name": "XXXX", "description": "XXXXX"}, "store": {"id": 0, "supplier": {"id": 0, "name": " XXXXX "," description ":" XXXXX "}," name ":" XXXXX "," description ":" XXXXX "," linkSite ":" XXXXXX "," location ": true," flHighlight ": true," idLojaX ": 0," CustomerService ": false}," Currency ":" BRL "," InPaymentDate ": null, "PartnerData": null, "CustomerID": null, "appName": "XXXXX", "messageType": " R5 "}


I thought of using SplitContent to separate items, but since there are items with "{}" inside them, I can't use them as item delimiters.

Can anyone give me a hand?


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