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Metron Single Node Environment UI not up


I followed instructions on

Instead of apache-metron-0.1BETA-RC7 I took Github code from

Metron build was Successful but I am not able to see anything on Ambari UI or Storm UI. When I checked services, ambari-server or ambari-agent were not even listed in the output.No hadoop folder was created.Is any step missing after step 4?


Re: Metron Single Node Environment UI not up


Can you post some of the output after you run `vagrant up`? Also, if you checkout master, can you run the following script: metron-deployment/scripts/ I haven't really used 0.1BETA, but when building/running off of master it is important that you have the following versions:


vagrant: 1.8.1

VirtualBox: 5.0.16

Python: 2.7.11

Maven: 3.3.9