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MiNiFi- Supported Portocol and OS

New Contributor

Can someone point me to the location where I can get the list of supported OS & protocol for MiNiFi ? I would like to know if I can run it on the edge device connectCore 6 SBC that runs "Yocto Project Linux" ( ?

Also would like to if it is compatible with ZigBee or DigiMesh protocol



Hi @Sugumar Raman you should be able to run MiNiFi on that hardware, the requirements are shown here: you may have to build a yocto image with some additional libraries to cover the pre-reqs to run NiFi.

There is no native support for ZigBee or DigiMesh within MiNiFi, however as I understand it, as long as those messages can be received by the hardware, you can then move them on further using standard MiNiFi flows.

Hope that helps.

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