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Migrate Ambari other Server



I d'like to migrate ambari on an other server, that is not part of hadoop.

Right now, ambari is installed on a namenode server.

Is there any guideline for that migration ?





There are a few resources that can help you

Move ambari to new host1

Move ambari to new host2

Points to remember you should also have the same version of /etc/yum.repos.d/* contents on all the servers ,reconfigure passwordless ssh in case you will want to add a new data


Super Mentor


Moving ambari server involves basically following steps:

1). Stop the old ambari host and then install ambari server to new host.

2). Make the "/etc/ambari-agent/conf/ambari-agent.ini" file change on all the agent hosts to point to new ambari server hostname.

3). Run the ambari-server setup command and then point to the Database instance where your amabri DB is present in the "Advance Database configuration Section". (If using postgres then choose option4 Postgres DB , not the Embedded Postgres DB).

OR if you want to move the ambari DB as well to a new host then import the DB dump backup to your new DB host and then during the ambari-server setup command choose new host details.

4). Restart Ambari server and all the ambari agents.

For more information please refer to: