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Migrating data from SAP HANA to Hive

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We have a large chunk of data which need to be migration from warehouse hosted in SAP HANA into Hadoop (Hive) as one time as well as schedule incremental loads. We were evaluating the options of

  • Sqoop (which seems to have certain restrictions on the JDBC driver on performance front) and
  • the two way approach of loading data from HANA into Flatfiles and then copy those files into Hive.

I would like to know if anyone has already done something similar and if they can share their experiences and the recommended methodology for the same.




@Phaneendra S see this article which outlines all the different approaches.

The customers I have who are migrating data from HANA are using Sqoop. If you want an Enterprise solution, you should look into a solution like Attunity. Attunity provides you with realtime CDC.

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