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Migrating from Cloudera to Hortonworks


Is there any step-by-step documented procedure for migrating from Cloudera distribution to Hortonworks HDP? We need to migrate from a production Cloudera distribution to a brand new HDP installation and hence looking for guidance on the below:

1. Is DistCp the best choice to migrate the data beween the clusters?

2. How to ensure all the security configurations are migrated appropriately? For example, from Sentry to Ranger, from Cloudera KMS to Ranger KMS etc?

3. How to ensure all the important configuration properties are set to Hortonworks recommended values? Will this be a manual effort or is there any script or something that can check CDH and then change accordingly?

4. What is the best mechanism to migrate the scripts? (Hive/Pig/Spark etc)

Thanks in Advance.!




Unfortunately there is no documented procedure to migrate from CDH. In these cases it's best to engage with your local Hortonworks account rep and professional services. We've done a few of these migrations and can provide you with a runbook to do the migration.