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Minifi Tailfile cannot read from symlink

New Contributor

We need to read from a Directory which is different in every situation, so we create a symlink or junction when we deploy minifi.


But Minifi cant read from this Directory and ends the processor with this message:



Unable to start TailFile[id=ac60b75a-01ed-3dd4-0000-000000000000] due to java.lang.IllegalStateException: Processor Oracle alert-Logs is not in a valid state due to ['tail-base-directory' validated against 'C:\\ProgramData\\AMS\\OracleDiag\\rdbms\\trace' is invalid because File C:\ProgramData\AMS\OracleDiag\rdbms\trace does not exist]


 The folder exists and is named exactly like stated in the Message. Can you give me an advise how i can manage this, or does this need to be fixed in the source of Minifi?


Thanks in advance!



I ran a test with one of the MiNiFi agents and I was successful in tailing a symlink in Windows, (C++ 0.7.0).

Which agent and what version of the agent is being used?

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