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Missing Cloudera VM link to download and practice CCA175 Spark and Hadoop developer

New Contributor

I have been looking for the Cloudera sandbox VM(pre-installed with all required technologies) link to download and practice for CCA175 Spark and Hadoop developer. Appreciate if someone can drive me in the right direction.



Hmmm…can you share a link where you read that the certifications you mentioned require "the Cloudera sandbox VM (pre-installed with all required technologies)" in order to practice for them?


The most recent VM-based installation of CDH, called Cloudera QuickStart VM (not sandbox) was based on CDH 5.13, and was outdated and nearing end of support, so it is no longer available for download. Just going on the information available on this page, (scroll down to Exam delivery and cluster information), it looks like CCA175 is based on CDH 6.1.1, which is much more recent. You can download CDH 6.1.1 by using this page.


Perhaps you were thinking of the HDP Sandbox, which is still available.



Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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New Contributor

Yes I'm looking for alternative to Cloudera Quickstart VM 5.13 which is no longer available to download. I have HDP 2.6.5 sandbox, but it doesn't come with Impala. correct me If i'm wrong.


Just curious, how are the new CCA175 certification aspirants are going to practice.

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