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Mix Datanode Disk Size

New Contributor

Hello , 


at the moment i reinstall all Datanodes of one Cluster with new OS. 

So we has 9 Datnodes. 


4 Datanodes with 8 TB * 12 Disks 

2 Datanodes with 4TB * 24 Disks

2 Datanodes with 6 TB * 12 Disks 


So should we Partion  the 8 TB Disks to 4 TB * 24 DiskPartions ? 
Or should we leave it as it is ? 


What is the best Solution ? 




Expert Contributor

Hi @wernermarcel ,


You need at least 3 data nodes to give you fault tolerance in your architecture as HDFS triple replicates the data across the infrastructure. Using more and smaller disks will give you better throughput and better performance.


Here is a recent Cloudera blog that I recommend for you:


Disk and Datanode Size in HDFS




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