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Modelling Multi-level nested Types in Apache Atlas

New Contributor

We are moving all our metadata to a common platform that stores all the metadata and need your help in modelling nested types.

We have an atlas type, say Event. Event is derived from a java DTO and represented as an unrestricted json containing nested objects, array<nestedObject>, map<nestedObject, nestedObject> etc. There is no restriction on nesting level. We need your advice on how to model the event type as an Atlas type.

We are taking inspiration from theTabletype in the quickstart script. TheTabletype has, in addition to other attributes, an array of columns (array<Column>). TheColumntype is then composed of more primary attributes. In our scenario though, the type attribute of Column could be a primitive atlas attribute, a nested column, array<Column>, map<Column, Column> etc.

For instance, a nested event that we want to model using the Atlas types looks like the following:

  1. Event contains an instance of type Level2SubEvent1 and Level2SubEvent2 each in addition to primitive attributes.
  2. Level2SubEvent2 contains an array<Level3SubEvent1>.
  3. Level3SubEvent1 contains 2 primitive attributes.

Please let me know if something is not clear in the described scenario.


New Contributor

Commenting so I can follow this question. We are looking for support on enabling this as well.