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Mongo DB Vs Hbase

Mongo DB Vs Hbase

New Contributor

Hi every body,

I want to load a complex Json ( hierarchy is under 5 levels) documents into a Nosql data base and get it connected to elasticSearch , i have to deal with versionning, and to keep seperate the different attributes of a document.

1st choice was HBASE, but the problem is:

how to load json document into hbase table :

Input example:

document :


attribute1 {

sub-attribute1 {

sub-attribute1.1 {

sub-attribute1.1.1 { attribute : value ...}




what i want to see in hbase

document table

attribute 1


sub attribute 1.1


attribute : value ..

and i want to be able to treat every attribute in my search engine.

what is the better choice to make for storing this documents with versioning , is it Hbase or Mongo DB?

Thank you for your Help.


Re: Mongo DB Vs Hbase

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