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More about "How to take backup of Apache Atlas and restore it."


I had read

This question and answers are very useful but I'm confused a bit. Could anyone please answer my questions?

1. How do I call Atlas Export API to take a perfect full dump of Atlas?

2. If I want to take backup of Atlas by accessing its backing stores (HBase, Solr, and Kafka) instead of using Export API, what should I do? Only exporting tables of HBase is enough? Taking a backup of Solr and Kafka is also necessary? According to, indexes on Solr are automatically created when Atlas Metadata Server start. Therefore I think taking a backup of Solr is not necessary. About Kafka, I recognize Kafka in Atlas is just only a message bus, so there's no need to take a backup.

3. If taking an "exported" tables of HBase is enough for backup of Atlas, is loading those "exported" just before starting Atlas enough to restore Atlas?


Very nice and interesting