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Mount Docker Shared Folder

New Contributor

I'd like to mount a file from the host system on the hdp client in docker. It should be doable on startup, but I can't seem to find the equivalent of the Docker or docker-configuration file.

I'd like to mount a created file with an ext4 filesystem in it (though I could make any filesystem type) - I'll have a number of students mounting from a large filesystem, and I'm hoping to force a maximum size on them by giving them a fixed-size filesystem to mount this way. So it would be the equivalent of "mount -t ext4 share /data/host01.ext4", which could then be added to the hdfs via the amber control web pages. That's what I'd like to do, anyhow... 🙂


New Contributor

ambari control pages. Spellcheckers should die!

Super Collaborator

In docker you can mount a volume with

docker run -v /hostdir:containerdir dockerimage

the host dir can also be a file.

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