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Multi-series line chart

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I have a collection with the following attributes (from a log file):


  • time
  • event (20 possible values)
  • duration (integer)

Actually, each event forms a timeseries data.


I want to visualize these in a multi-series line chart, where the X-Axis will be the time, Y-Axis the duration and each line in the graph will represent an event (so I need 20 lines). I haven't figured out how to do this in a Cloudera Search Dashboard.

As a work-around, I installed Banana and created a histogram, but for security reasons I do not want to leave the Hue environment.


Is there a way to do this in Hue?


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Re: Multi-series line chart

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Timestamp missing when using line graphTimestamp missing when using line graphMy question is why the .timestamp is missing in the drop down list when I selected the line graph. But it is visible when I use the bar graph. Does anybody has come up with a work around solution ? Thank you.