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MultiRowRangeFilter issue with table

MultiRowRangeFilter issue with table

Expert Contributor

Hi Folks

We are running hbase.

We are using MultiRowRangeFilter in our java code for get the data for multi ranges.

Below is snippet code:

ranges.add(new RowRange(Bytes.toBytes(startRow), true, Bytes.toBytes(endRow), true)); 
Scan scan = new Scan();
        MultiRowRangeFilter filter = new MultiRowRangeFilter(ranges);
        FilterList filterList = new FilterList(FilterList.Operator.MUST_PASS_ALL);
results = table.getScanner(scan);

For specific table, we are getting null data, while same code is running for other tables. If i'm check checking manually by hbase shell, data is available. Even through single scan data is available using same code.

How could i debug the data or query on Hbase level?

Could someone help me to sort out the issue?


Vinay K