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Multinomial NB on Spark on YARN


Multinomial NB on Spark on YARN

New Contributor

Trying to build a ml model using Pyspark on spark on YARN cluster mode

Having 120 GB of RAM, with ample amount of storage.


Yet on line of training code throws OutOfMemoryException, have tried all the memory tuning parameter in YARN, with multiple options of spawning executor(Increasing executor/ decreasing executor)

But, at the end fails at OOM exception.

Tried decreasing the features/ decreasing the data size, yet it ends up with the memory issue.

Only successful model creation was with 1000 records .


Have tried so much of things but there is no result, please help.


Re: Multinomial NB on Spark on YARN

Community Manager

@sridar1992 I'm not an expert but I did find this community article that may be of interest if you haven't read it yet. 


Spark on YARN - Executor Resource Allocation Optimization

Cy Jervis, Community Manager

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