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Multiple Auth Backends with desktop.auth.backend.SpnegoDjangoBackend


I've successfully configured multiple auth backends with desktop.auth.backend.PamBackend and desktop.auth.backend.AllowFirstUserDjangoBackend, just to make sure I was configuring it correctly. But what I would really like is to incorporate desktop.auth.backend.SpnegoDjangoBackend as one of the auth methods. My goal is to allow users who have a krb5 ticket to get right in, but if the user does not have a ticket, they get password prompted to authenticate via PAM.

When I replace AllowFirstUserDjangoBackend with SpnegoDjangoBackend, if I have a ticket I get right in. If I do not have a ticket, rather than falling back to desktop.auth.backend.PamBackend, I get the message: "401 Unauthorized" in my browser.

I've tried it before PamBackend:


I've tried it after PamBackend:


both exhibited same behavior. My question is: is it possible to incorporate SpnegoDjangoBackend into a multiple auth backend scenario?



Problem with Spnego is that it is actually performing the checks in a
and not in the authenticate method of the backend (so the retry logic with
another bakcned won't work with Spnego).

Too bad that

Does not work as PamBackend seems to follow the Django backend protocol

Do you see any hints in the logs on why it Pam does not get tried first,
then Spnego?
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