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Multiple Impala services in CDH?


Multiple Impala services in CDH?

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Is it possible to install muitiple, independent Impala services on a single CDH (5.12) environment?  We're looking to fully insulate a selection of queries from a large set of ad-hoc queries, and given the current state of memory estimation / memory allocation of Impala in 5.x, separate indepedent Impala services might be the best approach.


I was able to install a second instance of Impala, and it immediately complained about port #'s.  Refreshing those to +1 for every port # on the second instance solved that problem, but I did start seeing some agents fail (failure to connect to statestore) after a short period of time. 


Not sure if I'm doomed from the outset here or if there's a path forward.  Thanks!