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Multiple Security Protocol in kafka can use at same time ?

I have Apache Kafka Cluster, consumer, producer and topic are created. can I use security protocols like PLAINTEXT and SASL_PLAINTEXT at the same time


@Harish More

Yes you can use multiple protocols in Kafka. The protocols should be comma separated and you'd need to define a different port for each protocol in the listeners.


Hope this helps.

@Sandeep Nemuri

We have apache cluster, i have provided authorization and authentication on port 9092, and plaintext on port 9093. Consumer gets message from port 9092 but not able to get message from 9093.

Please suggest something.

Do you see any error message while running the consumer ?

Yes, below is the error

org.apache.kafka.common.errors.IllegalSaslStateException: Unexpected handshake request with client mechanism PLAIN, enabled mechanisms are [PLAIN]

Could you share your file?

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