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Multiple spark version on Kerberos cluster

Multiple spark version on Kerberos cluster

New Contributor

In a previous post on Multiple Spark versions, already solved, it was defined how to use multiple Spark versions on the same cluster. I commented there but I port it here since that one is solved.


Although it has a focus on Spark 2.x, I adapted it to use a 1.6.3 Spark in a CDH 5.4 (Spark 1.3), it went fine.


Then I am trying to do the same in a CDH 5.5.4 Kerberos environment, and that's where the problem is.


There, I installed 1.6.3 Spark as I did in the non-krb cluster. I am able to launch an app on with standard installation (1.5) as expected, just issuing a kerberos ticket, and running spark-submit. 

But when I do the same with the 1.6.3, it fails. Same principal, domain, etc - all the same.


On the logs, I can see two main differences. One, is that HiveConf gives a warning on 1.6.3 that it does not on 1.5.0: 



INFO hdfs.DFSClient: Created HDFS_DELEGATION_TOKEN token xxx for <user> on ha-hdfs:nameservice1
WARN HiveConf: HiveConf of name hive.enable.spark.execution.engine does not exist
WARN HiveConf: HiveConf of name hive.enable.spark.execution.engine does not exist
INFO hive.metastore: Trying to connect to metastore with URI thrift://<url:port>
INFO hive.metastore: Connected to metastore



Actually, later on, does some resource uploads apparently fine:



INFO yarn.Client: Uploading resource file:/... -> hdfs://nameservice1/... 


.. but after resources are uploaded, it submits the application and there goes the error. 



INFO yarn.Client: Submitting application 67672 to ResourceManager
INFO impl.YarnClientImpl: Submitted application application_...
INFO yarn.Client: Application report for .. ( state: FAILED)
client token; N/A
diagnostics: Failed to renew token: Kind: HDFS_DELEGATION_TOKEN, Service: ha-hdfs:nameservice1, Ident: (HDFS_DELEGATION_TOKEN xxxx for yyyy)



@srowen had mentioned before some tweaking was necessary if dealing with hive metastore. May it have something to do with this Kerberos authentication problem? I have copied the hive-conf as it was suggested, but apparently is not picking it up correctly.


I'm afraid I don't fully understand the relation between Spark + Hive + Kerberos here. Any hint or direction to head to would be greatly appreciated.


Just to note, that this happens with every app, even launching the SparkPi application in yarn-cluster mode. 

 In all cases, I am launching the app with spark-submit without explicit Kerberos settings (e.g. --principal, --keytab), though I have tried to no avail - and neither that was necessary for running fine on 1.5.0. 

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