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My NameNode UI is not accessible on my kerbereized cluster


I've successfully enabled kerberos on my cluster. All the services are running correctly.

When i try to access to my NameNode UI by taping http://ambari:50070 on my browser, i got the error mentioned in error.png.

- My ambari server is running with root user. So,i resecured my cluster with root@MYREALM and made all the necessary configurations by following this link:

- I've also enabled SPNEGO authentication for Hadoop by following these links: and

- I'm working on local domain. So, i've not FQDN. My cluster is composed of two hosts whose hostnames are ambari and ambari-slave1. Hence, i didn't set hadoop.http.authentication.cookie.domain in Custom core-site.

- I've enabled browser access to a SPNEGO-enabled web UI by following this link: At this step, i've skipped 1. 2. and 3. because my kerberos is already installed and automatically configured. The 4. sub-step is done as mentioned in step.png.

My question are:

- Which eventual steps are missed?

- How can i resolve this issue?

I'm really stuck at this final step of securing my cluster. I'll be grateful if someone could help me.


New Contributor

i have same the problem, how can i resolve this issue?

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