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Mysql consuming lot of storage space in ambari server

We are running Ambari server with Mysql to manage Hadoop HA cluster.

Issue is: /var/ file system utilization keep increasing and we have noticed there too many mysqld-bin.XXXX files in /var/lib/mysql/ directory with 1.1 G size and the number of files keep increasing day-by-day.

Since it is clustered the /var/lib/mysql/ size is same in both Active and Standby nodes and causing storage issue in both node.

What are these files contains ? Can we purge these files. ?

Please suggest, how do we address this issue.


Super Mentor

@Sajesh PP

Ambari provides Historical data Pruge based on date.

After months of operation on larger clusters, the Ambari Server may begin to accrue a large amount of historical data in the database. This can cause UI performance degradation.

To remedy this, the following Ambari Server CLI command has been implemented to automate the removal of historical records in the Ambari Server. The db-purge-history command takes two arguments, the name of the cluster, and the date of the earliest record to purge.


# ambari-server db-purge-history --cluster-name Prod --from-date 2017-08-01


We are using ambari and looks like db-purge-history is not available in this version.

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