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NFS Gatway Tuning Problems

NFS Gatway Tuning Problems

New Contributor

I am trying to improve NFS Gateway Performance for hortonworks HDP 2.6 on ubuntu14.04. The following tuning parameters are defined:






Next, I mount the NFS volume from a linux client:

	# mount -t nfs -o vers=3,proto=tcp,nolock,sync,<strong>rsize=16777216,wsize=16777216</strong> my-nfs-gateway.internal:/nfsvol /localdir

The problem is that listing the mounts shows that rsize and wsize is incorrectly set:

	# mount

	my-nfs-gateway.internal:/nfsvol on /localdir type nfs (rw,relatime,sync,vers=3,<strong>rsize=1048576,wsize=1048576</strong>,namlen=255,hard,nolock,proto=tcp,timeo=600,retrans=2,sec=sys,mountaddr=,mountvers=3,mountport=4242,mountproto=tcp,local_lock=all,addr=

How do I set rsize and wsize to 16777216 on the linux client?

I can only get around 40MB/sec during my testing...

	# time dd if=/dev/zero of=/localdir/testfile bs=7M

	232+0 records in
	232+0 records out
	1702887424 bytes (1.7 GB) copied, 41.1506 s, 41.4 MB/s

How can I improve this transfer rate?