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NFS between Windows and HDFS

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Hello guys,

It is possible with NFS having a folder in my local filse system (Windows) and being able to mount to HDFS in order view a folder in files view in Ambari?

I'm looking to this documentation ( for HDP 2.5 but i can't understand how can i link my folder in windows with the HDFS.




@Francisco Pires, As per document,

"The NFS Gateway can be installed on any DataNode, NameNode, or HDP client machine. Start the NFS server on that machine."

NFS daemon can be installed on a hadoop cluster host. If you want to mount local FS ( Windows) , you need to make sure that this host is part of your hadoop cluster. This machine should atleast have hadoop-client installed.

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Thank you @yvora. There is any tutorial to install hadoop-client in windows?


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@yvora Does this mean that we need to remove firewall processes on the Windows machine in order to have it be a client node on the cluster (similar to when adding linux nodes)?

** Also the link provided is broken

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