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NIFI 502 error - backend to Google Cloud HTTPS load balancer

NIFI 502 error - backend to Google Cloud HTTPS load balancer

New Contributor

NIFI is installed as a three node cluster (three VM instances in one instance group) on Google Cloud.

Versions: Nifi 1.9.0, AMBARI 2.7.3, HDF

There is an HTTPS load balancer, with a DNS A record resolving the url to the load balancer IP.

The front end of the load balancer terminates an SSL connection .

The back end connects to SSL enabled NIFI. 

Entering the url which resolves to the load balancer IP   results in a 502 error in the browser.

NIFI was reachable before we enabled SSL. And as a test the load balancer works fine when Apache is listening on the backend on http. 

We created the truststore and keystore jks files from TinyCert certificate and CA files, and openSSL can verify the certificate chain. We don't seem to be getting cert related errors. 


Can someone suggest how to debug this ? The connection to the NIFI backend is coming from the Google load balancer , so we can't log on to a server to test the connection. We have opened up a firewall rule for the Google health check IP ranges and added this network tag to the NIFI instances.

Looking for some messages with errors explaining what is causing the connection to NIFI to fail.