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NIFI AvroSchemaRegistry format for date

NIFI AvroSchemaRegistry format for date

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I have a NIFI flow with 2 postgres connections - one for input and another with the output. Both the table that is being populated and the table I'm pulling from have a not null constraint on the column, and the data type is date.


My timestamp format is as follows: YYYY-MM-dd (I.E. 2021-03-11)


I'm unable to convert my date timestamp (referencing

using {"name":"date","type":{"type":"int","logicalType":"date:}}}


-I have updated the executeSQL to use avro logical types. When off or on, the error is the same.

-Based on the documentation, everything seems to point to this being the correct format.

-In postgres, the columns (and data that is being pulled) are all not null. 


The error I get is: IllegalTypeConversionException: Could not convern value [2021-02-01] of type java.lang.String to date because the value is not in the expected date format: null for field date


Any pointers?