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Hi i would like to make dynamic predictions using H20 with NIFI, i would like to execute my phyton script in a processor.

Anybody knows if its possible???

How can i install H20 in NIFI??

Thank u very much


@Pilar Badiola you can use the ExecuteScript processor to execute your python code. Here an example template:


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@Pilar Badiola I believe that is possible using execute script processor. Since H20 is a python library, as long as that library is correctly install at the OS level python on all the nifi nodes you should be able to use it from your script.

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ExecuteScript uses the Jython script engine, which does not support native (CPython) modules, I would assume that H2O probably uses native modules somewhere. If not then ExecuteScript should work, if it does use native modules then you could try ExecuteStreamCommand to call out to the Python interpreter to run the script.

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Thank u! i already have the script.. but the point is.. can i use h20 embebbed with nifi? @Felix Albani

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