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NIFI : Manage directory "content_repository"

NIFI : Manage directory "content_repository"



Do you know how manage the contents of "content_repository" by NIFI ?

I've a dataflow ListHDFS, FetchHDFS, putSFTP. I'm stopping all and empty queue.

So when nifi will clean this directory ?

1820    /var/opt/hosting/nifi_root/content_repository/1
98792   /var/opt/hosting/nifi_root/content_repository/5
290080  /var/opt/hosting/nifi_root/content_repository/6
540800  /var/opt/hosting/nifi_root/content_repository/194
696400  /var/opt/hosting/nifi_root/content_repository/2
1910288 /var/opt/hosting/nifi_root/content_repository/195
1947620 /var/opt/hosting/nifi_root/content_repository/192
1950608 /var/opt/hosting/nifi_root/content_repository/4
1954284 /var/opt/hosting/nifi_root/content_repository/193
1961092 /var/opt/hosting/nifi_root/content_repository/3

                      15350768 11365632   3198832  79% /var/opt/hosting/nifi_root/content_repository

I've read this article : Archival content

All parameters are in default state in my



Re: NIFI : Manage directory "content_repository"

Rising Star

Hi @mayki wogno, did you try changing the Archive enabled (default) to disabled ?


Re: NIFI : Manage directory "content_repository"

Master Guru
@mayki wogno

Depending on version of NIFi, disabling archive may not trigger deletion of data that was already archived. No new data will be archived, but any existing data will still be left sitting in the archive sub-directories of each numbered directory in the content repository.

Since archived content is moved in to "archive" sub-directories, it should be easy to tell if the majority of your content repository disk usage is being consumed by archived data or not. If the data is not sitting in archive sub-directories, then it is still being held up by NiFi. See the following article as it may help explain when this is the case:



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