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NIFI: NullPointerException when using SelectHiveQL Processor

NIFI: NullPointerException when using SelectHiveQL Processor

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I'm trying to fire a basic SELECT query using SelectHiveQL processor but its throwing me a NullPointerException.


nifi-app.log attached.



NiFi Version: 1.9.2

Hive Version:

I'm using zookeeper url for hive Jdbc connection. I'm able to connect to the hive server using the same zookeeper url using dBeaver

I have added core-site.xml and hive-site.xml under HiveConfigurationResources.

When I am connecting to HDP sandbox hive using NiFi it is working without any issues, however its a normal jdbc connection without any zookeeper.

I found a similar issue when trying to google for this. and a jira is open

Is there a workaround for this till this is resolved ?