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NIFI - Removing spaces in all keys on a JSON file


Hi, i'm having a problem with this, I decompress a gz, it gives me 10k+ json files with 1 element each.

I make a transformation with JOLT and SHIFT only to reorder the fields.

Now I have this problem, when trying to InferAvroSchema, it founds spaces on some keys, the keys can change, so I don't want to force the schema.

How can I replace all the keys with spaces (replace with "_") and keeping the current tree of the JSON? don't want to hardcode anything if possible, because some of the keys are actions, and when a new element is created on the app wich generates the json, a new child key is added.


My last try was this:

But it doesn't modify the child elements, only root ones, and if I tell on wich element is what I want to replace it "shift" it to root and all the other elements dissapear.


The JSON is something like:


"server_received_time": "2019-08-01",
"app": 8,
"event_id": int,
"event_properties":{"event buy":"one",
"event try":"yes"}
"event_state":{"event profile":"absent",
"event text":"will try again"}

The json has a lot more keys, a space will not appear in the root elements but it can in the child elements, so I only need to replace those keeping the others intact.

The transformations I try make me lost the schema format or name all the child elements (that I want to keep this way because I dont know if new ones will appear.


The idea is to remove this spaces on keys so I can InferAvroSchema without loosing elements and continue to process and store them

Any idea?

Thank you!