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NIFI - Validate file > 10 rows


Hello, I need validate the files in my flow, only are valid the files that contains > 10 rows, it´s possible this validation whith apache NIFI?. The files are .txt and .data.



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@Pepelu Rico

Use QueryRecord processor and define record reader/writer controller services

add new property in the processor as

select id,name from (select count(*) over() cnt,ff.* from FLOWFILE ff)c where cnt > 10

We are using subquery count(*) over() window function on flowfile content to get count of rows from the flowfile then in outer query we are filtering out cnt column and checking the cnt is greater than 10 or not.

I have attached my flow xml here use that as a reference and prepare your sql query as per your requirements.



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@Pepelu Rico

if for some reason you don't like records (see answer from @Shu, here is easier solution (having fun with regex).

Note, you'll need to set a buffer appropriately, and this will work good if your files are really around 10 lines and lines aren't huge.



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sorry, missed that you need "greater than 10", so change regex to:

Note, it is "9" for ten records, because last line won't have \n (EOL)