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[NIFI] : executeStreamCommand issue


Hi all,

It seems that executeStreamCommand don't delete flowFile.

The script bash worked but the queue will not empty after successful execution of script




Re: [NIFI] : executeStreamCommand issue


Re: [NIFI] : executeStreamCommand issue

Super Guru

Dont do a curl

Use GetHTTP or InvokeHTTP those work perfect.

Most likely permissions, make sure the nifi user can run that script. make sure it's the right path.

run that script from the command line, su to the nifi user and put in the full path. then check logs

check the logs and data provenance.

i use executestreamcommand for calling Python and TensorFlow.

Make sure whatever you call is wrapped in a shell script and that it has execute permissions.

Don't call a Hive Script. Use The Execute HiveQL

Re: [NIFI] : executeStreamCommand issue



Il have to make a curl to retrieve the data from an API. And to connect to this API I need first to make a curl to retrieve token and digest, these parameters do not exist in Nifi http processor.