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NIFI installation issue

New Contributor

I am using HDP- and HDF-ambari-mpack- still NIFI is not working showing error

Skipping stack-select on NIFI because it does not exist in the stack-select package structure.

Cloudera Employee

hi Misbah,

What are the steps you followed to install?

Have you changed the HDF repo base url in ambari?

Can you please paste the output of "yum list | grep -i nifi"

New Contributor


I set up HDP following this link : HDP Installation.

These services are up and running: HDFS YARN MapReduce2 Tez Hive Pig Oozie ZooKeeper Falcon Ambari Metrics SmartSense Slider

But I want NIFI too so I added HDF following this link: HDF Installation.

Yes, I have changed the base url in ambari.

Output of yum list | grep -i nifi:

Repository HDF- is listed more than once in the configuration
Repository HDP-UTILS- is listed more than once in the configuration
nifi-registry_3_1_0_0_564.noarch        @HDF-3.1-repo-2
nifi-registry_3_1_2_0_7.noarch          @HDF-   
nifi_3_1_0_0_564.x86_64               @HDF-3.1-repo-2
nifi_3_1_2_0_7.x86_64                   @HDF-   
nifi.noarch                             HDF-    
nifi-registry.noarch                    HDF-   


Hi @Misbah Rehman,

You should follow this doc Installing HDF service on a existing HDP cluster:


Cloudera Employee

@Misbah Rehman As @Gonçalo Cunha correctly pointed, the mpack should be installed with no purge option in case of existing HDP cluster. Please try installing ambar-server install-mpack --mpack="path to mpack" --verbose

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I don't have any idea



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