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NO DATA for Nifi graphs on Ambari dashboard.




I have installed Nifi (HDF alongside HDP) over HDP through Ambari.

It is showing like "No data Available" for Nifi graphs on Ambari dashboards.

I checked Nifi logs and observed that Nifi sending metrics Ambari through AmbariReportingTask.

INFO [Timer-Driven Process Thread-5] o.a.n.r.ambari.AmbariReportingTask AmbariReportingTask[id=3b90bc0f-a6c0-49db-b721-4dbc04cef28e] Successfully sent metrics to Ambari in 0 ms

I have followed the below link and succeeded in getting graphs on Grafana.

But still Ambri showing no data available for Nifi.

Can any one help me out on it.



Expert Contributor

@Paramesh malla What version of Ambari is this? If it is 2.5.1, we have a known issue -

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