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Name Node services going down due to Journal Node maintenance

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I have HA Configured Name node service and Journal node runs on 3 nodes(all 3 are Data Nodes in our clusters)

I have to remove one of the data node for maintenance and apparently that was acting as journal node too.

Once I stop all the services from that data node, I see Name node services are going down.

COuld you please help me to understand why Name node is going down ?

Also I need to do maintenance on that node, with out name node going down. let me know what steps I need to follow



@Kumar Veerappan, The name node should be up if 2/3 journal nodes are alive. The name node is expected to shutdown if 2 or more journal nodes are stopped.

Can you please check how many journal nodes were alive when namenode shutdown happen ? Also check the error stack trace from name node log to help root cause the issue.

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