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Name node not starting, connection to port 8020 is failing

New Contributor

Hi Guys,

I was trying to install Ambari with HDP 3.1

Everything went fine but at last Name Node is not getting started.

Because of connection to port "8020" is getting refused from my ip address.

So to understand the issue, i tried Telnet to 8020 port from my IP address and still the connection is getting refused. However telnet to 8080 port is getting successful.

Could someone please help me on this?




Cloudera Employee

@Vikash Kumar Can you please provide the exact error message?

From the problem statement, it looks like Port 8020 is closed and that is the reason why Namenode metadata service unable to establish a connection on port 8020.

You may use below command to check if port 8020 is open or not.

# netstat -plnt | grep :8020

tcp 0 0 172.25.x.x:8020* LISTEN 6937/java

Also, please make sure that port 8020 is not used by any other services.


Hello @Vikash Kumar

I have this situation too, and I added port 8020 to tcpPortsHDP, but it still didn't fix the error.
Ask me to help you how to open port 8020
thank you very much!

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