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Navigator API limit syntax

New Contributor

We are using the Navigator API to download our searches.  In order to automate this for some of the less saavy among my team, I am working up scripts to do the search download.  The documented limit defaul is 100, however, is there a proper way to do no limit (download all records).


We've tried limit=0, limit=false, limit=None and so while we can just set the limit to an arbitraily high number (our data isn't too big yet), what is the proper way to just say "No Record Limit"


Normally having a set limit is a good idea--I agree--but there are times where we truly would like everything, and rather than guess at the large number, we need to turn the limit off.


Re: Navigator API limit syntax

New Contributor
In case if Navigator doesn't support limit, my suggestion would be to send out repetitive request to Navigator until you reach the end. Lets say there are 85 docs, and you have to play with limit and offset here -
1st call - limit=20&offset=0
2nd call - limit= 20&offset=21
3rd call - limit=20&offset=41
4th call - limit=20&offset=61
5th call - limit=20&offset=81

in your 5th call you will see that there are not exactly 20 result items , there you can flag it to stop further calls