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Navigator Metadata server extraction

Navigator Metadata server extraction

New Contributor

I am doing test on modifying business metadata associated with HDFS files and Hive tables in Navigator.  Is there a way to modify the default metadata extraction period? (e.g. HDFS checkpoint interval is 1 hour, Hive maximum wait time is 60 mins) so I can the changes I made in navigator UI quicker?


Did some searches, but with no luck...






Re: Navigator Metadata server extraction

New Contributor

To update metadata immediatly, I decided to use api instead of the .navigator file. Now, I have another question:


/v2/entities api is supposed to take a string in json format, however, I found I can't use a json which has hierarchies in the property field. 


this one works:

/v2/entiteis...... "properties":{"property_1":"value_1","property_2":"value_2"}}'


but this one doesn't:

/v2/entiteis...... "properties":{"property_1":"value_1","property_2":{"sub_property_1":"sub_value_1","sub_property_2":"sub_value_2"}}'



anybody has any idea how to associate business metadata in hierarchies in navigator?