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Need Help in improving SVM mlib prediction

Need Help in improving SVM mlib prediction


Hi All,

I am using Twitter sentiment data set available on internet TweetCorpus and have implemented SVMModel .

Steps i have performed

1) Changed the text to Feature using IDFModel 2)Supplied these features to SVM model 3)Tested the model for accuracy I m getting The Area under ROC Curve as 0.63,but as i learned from ROC

  • .90-1 = excellent (A)
  • .80-.90 = good (B)
  • .70-.80 = fair (C)
  • .60-.70 = poor (D)
  • .50-.60 = fail (F)

value Number of feature= 63 value for Number of Iterations= 100 I don't have any idea of ML i have just started exploring this and these two values 63,100 are not something that i figured mathematically rather after doing test runs iam getting the best value for ROC with these values

Kindly guide how to proceed further to make this work

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