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Need a clarity on CCA 175 Exam instruction

Need a clarity on CCA 175 Exam instruction

New Contributor

Hi Team,


I need below clarification on during Exam:


1) I am aware that CCA175 is open book type Exam and the below links are available during the exam. My question here is whether I can browse all sublinks and especially user guides during the exam.


2) As per my understanding, I can test my code in VM and verify the results before I can submit the same in the Exam. Please correct me if I am wrong.


3) Whether the timer is available during the Exam or I need to wear my watch to calcluate the time.









Re: Need a clarity on CCA 175 Exam instruction

Community Manager



We wouldn't term the exam as "open book" since you cannot use notes or have anything on your desk. :) 


That being said, I checked with the certification team this morning on your questions. Lets dive in:


1. You will be able to browse the links on the listed pages but will be limited to items on the domain or subdomains. 


2. Yes, you have the cluster for a set amount of time and can perform any tasks you chose during that time frame. When the exam is over we look at the results that you have stored in the solution directories and nothing else. 


3. There isn't a timer on the screen but the proctor tracks the time and can be asked how much is remaining.

Cy Jervis, Community Manager

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