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Need benchmarking for various filters in Hbase

Need benchmarking for various filters in Hbase

New Contributor

Hi All,

I have the following use case:

RowKey : Combination of (Long.MAX_VALUE - timestamp)|datasourceId|SiteId|...

Now, I want to get sorted results in descending order(Long.MAX_VALUE - timestamp) for a particular datasourceId.For this, i have used RegexFilter on Rowkey to get results for a particular datasource Id and hence timestamp is my starting point in rowKey so results are sorted.

But the query is very slow which i doubt because of regexFilter as it checks on each rowKey and matches the regex.What can be the solution for the above.

PS: I have multiple columns for each rowKey and want to get all columns.

Here are the two approaches I have come across:

1) Make new column for datasourceId and apply columnPrefixFilter to fetch results. In that way results will be sorted and filtered on the basis of datasourceId. But i doubt this will not make any difference in hbase response time. It will again fetch each column and check.

2) Use of secondary indexes.How can i use seconday indexes in this case?

Any help will be appreciated.

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