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Need python version > 2.6 Apache Ambari

Need python version > 2.6 Apache Ambari

New Contributor

While trying to stop apache amabari server I am getting following error: "Need python version > 2.6" But the command :python --version is showing Python 2.7.5

I am using rhel 7 ec2 instance, apache ambari and HDP 2.5. I just want to reset apache ambari server. Please help me. Thanks


Re: Need python version > 2.6 Apache Ambari

Super Mentor

@Shemeem SP

How are you stoping ambari-server? Are you mixing "systemctl" and "ambari-server" commands?

By any chance you are using "systemctl" to check status, start and stop ambari?

If yes then can you try the following sequence and then share the results?

# systemctl stop ambari-server.service 
# systemctl status ambari-server.service 
# systemctl start ambari-server.service 
# systemctl status ambari-server.service 

You can also use the following commands to start stop

# ambari-server stop
# ambari-server status 
# ambari-server start
# ambari-server status 


Please share the complete output of above sequence of commands if you face any issue related to python.

Also please share the output of the RPM version as following:

rpm -qa | grep ambari



Re: Need python version > 2.6 Apache Ambari

New Contributor

@Jay SenSharma

Thanks for your reply.

I was getting this error while stopping server using "ambari-server stop" command.

As of now,I started installation again with fresh server, I will not be able to execute the above command.

Thanks for your time.

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