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Need to configure RM HA


Hi Team

I need to configure the RM HA on my QA environemnt.I am looking at below url to proceed


but existing cluster environemt is enabled with TLS 1.0 sucurity for all the components, so in this case can i follow as above mentioned Url to enable RM HA ?

or do i need to do any extra steps , please help me

also please confirm work preserving recovery is enabled on RM by default not on NM correct ?

is it mandate on NM's to enable work preserving recovery ?

if i configure RM HA JHS will be removed from cluster ?

also any other components required to restart apart from YARN components(NM, RM) ?

zookeepers configured already and Namenode HA is enabled.

Please help me to get thsi done

Balaji Vemula



Can someone help me on this, its bit important !

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