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Need to find details searched through Column Values.

New Contributor


I have a very odd requirement to find out the details,but the search will have to be through Column values.

I can't use rowkey for the same.Tried using scan but it does takes lot of time as my records will be in billions.

Another way i found out is Secondary Indexing (Composite Index) ,but looking for something which is less time consuming.

Appreciate your valuable suggestions.




New Contributor

Can you provide a very simple, but indicative, example of what you are looking for? Maybe a few rows and details of what you would be looking for. As you already know, the filter language documented at will end up scanning everything. And also as you know, creating another table whose rowkey is aligned with your query you want to run fast will take effort to keep in sync as you upsert your data. There's always Phoenix is you want to stay completely in HBase, but maybe a hybrid of HBase and Solr might work. Again, my a simplified example could help.

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