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Need to restart nifi to archive/purge content-repository

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I need to restart nifi in order to archive or purge unused flow files even though, reading the documentation, this does not seem necessary


I noticed this behavior on a cluster running nifi 1.9.0 of which I am not administrator; then I reproduced it on a windows 10 machine with nifi 1.8.0, 1.9.1 and 1.11.4 with default nifi configuration


nifi.content.repository.archive.max.retention.period=12 hours
nifi.flowfile.repository.checkpoint.interval=2 mins



All I am doing is to create a flowfile and drop it; to archive after I am done I need to restart nifi, otherwise the flowfile stays in content_repository/1 where it is created


There are no other flowfiles hanging around: that I can tell from the nifi canvas and the fact that I installed nifi this morning on my machine just for this test and did not do anything more than creating a few flowfiles and check that they all been DROPPED; besides had they not been they would not have been archived on nifi restarting anyway.


I can see that the checkpointing works fine: the flowfile_repository/checkpoint is updated within two mins of content claim creation or update in content_repository, but this does not trigger an immediate archiving but only an archiving upon restarting 


I saw other people on this board grappling with this problem, but I have not found any solution


Any suggestion? Am I missing something in the doc and this is the default behavior?


Thanks a lot