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Nested json to postgres in nifi

Nested json to postgres in nifi

New Contributor

Hi all,


I am relatively new to Nifi and it would be great to get some help from you guys here. I am using InvokeHttp to get a response which looks like this:


"headers" : [ "col1", "col2", "col3" ],
"rows" : [ [ "35000.0", "60.0", "937.06" ], [ "11000.0", "36.0", "385.65" ], [ "3600.0", "36.0", "109.57" ]]


Now, I would like to store this output in a Postgres DB using PutDatabaseRecord using a JsonTreeReader but it doesn't seem to like the format of my json. Do I need to flatten it out using a JoltTransformation or what is the best approach? If yes, how do I use the JoltTransformation to get this in the right format?


Thanks a lot in advance

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